Who Is Reina Silva, Cole Sprouse’s Rumored Girlfriend?


She was spotted hugging Cole Sprouse. Now fans think they’re dating.

Based on new photos of the pair together, it seems Cole Sprouse may have a new lady in his life — and she’s a totally stunning model named Reina Silva.

Over the weekend, Cole and Reina were spotted getting cozy during an outing in Vancouver, where Cole is currently filming Riverdale.

While this isn’t confirmation the duo are actually dating, it’s not the first time Cole has been spotted with Reina. Earlier in October, he shared a shot of Reina from his photography portfolio.

And according to Reina’s post from the shoot, the duo had to take a helicopter ride to get to their location in Fraser Valley.

While the Internet debates whether these two are actually dating, here’s what you need to know about Reina:


She just celebrated her 22nd birthday on October 25th.


She’s based in Vancouver.


She’s modeled around the world!


She’s half Portuguese, part Russian, part German and part Canadian.


She seems to love the great outdoors.


And she REALLY likes pigs. Check out this collection:


She overcame an eating disorder:

View this video on YouTube

@Reina Silva / youtube.com

“If people around you are telling you that something’s not right and you need to make a change to better yourself, trust them. I know it’s not going to be easy in the beginning but trust them because they want what’s best for you,” Reina said.


And she has a super cute cat named Kramer!

So while we still don’t know if Cole and Reina are dating or just friends, it seems like she’s an excellent addition to Cole’s life no matter what!


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