Robert Pattinson’s Hilarious Late Night Haim Cameo


It’s 3 a.m. Your phone is ringing. You look at the screen and see it’s this man. WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

More like what don’t you do amiright (sorry).

It all started with the band’s song “3 AM,” which is, to quote the band, about a “booty call.”

The song originally starts with a voicemail from said gentleman caller — which gave HAIM the perfect opportunity for a guest appearance. “We needed someone to do this cameo who had game,” Este Haim began.

“Even when we were recording the record, we held auditions,” she continued, adding that unfortunately neither Tom Hardy nor Benedict Cumberbatch replied to their offer.

Enter Robert Pattinson.

NBCU / Via

“He has so much game.” — Alana Haim.

Good lord, I felt this performance in my soul.

To quote the song, “I just can’t stop staring at it.”

You can watch HAIM’s full performance here.


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