Warzone Halloween 2020: How to get cleaver, Pumpkin Punisher, trick or treat supplies


“Warzone” has been infused with spooky tension this month with the addition of battle royale zombies and the transformation of Verdansk into a Haunting of Verdansk nighttime setting.

When players die in the special zombies royale “Warzone” mode, they’re able to spawn back in as the undead and come back to life if they kill two opponents. Special powers, such as the ability to survive gas, make that achievement plausible.

There are collectable Halloween tributes all around the “Call of Duty” map, including emblems, weapons and gun customizations. There’s also an influx of audio jump-scares that’ll catch headset players off-guard if they’re not careful.

Here’s a breakdown of the easter eggs in Verdansk, as well as the October schedule Activision has planned for zombies:

When is the Haunting of Verdansk?

  • Start date: Oct. 20
  • End date: Nov. 3
  • Price: Free

Full list of trick or treat Warzone items

There are two blueprints, a watch and a variety of other items scattered around the Verdansk night map.

Below is a full list of trick or treat rewards:

  • Cleaver knife blueprint
  • Pumpkin calling card
  • Scary patch emblem
  • Harvester emblem
  • Freak of nature spray
  • Woodsman spray
  • Flashy fate sticker
  • Ghoulish ghost emblem
  • Chainsaw fiend spray
  • Demon charm
  • Jack-o’-Lantern charm
  • Spooky scene calling card
  • Skeleton crew spray
  • Joker sticker
  • Time of the season watch
  • Return to dust blueprint

Where are all of the trick or treat supply boxes?

There are 16 trick or treat supply boxes in the “Warzone” zombie map, which is a night version of Verdansk. In each of those crates is a Halloween reward, available for a limited time. Sometimes boxes contain a horror noise. It will take more than one match to collect all of the items because of how much they’re spread out.

When a player gets all 16 Halloween items, they unlock a Pumpkin Punisher legendary Grau 5.56 blueprint reward.

Below are the areas you can find the trick or treat supply boxes — note that they’re placed in general areas that can vary from game to game:

Trick or treat itemLocation
Cleaver knife blueprintPrison
Pumpkin calling cardHospital
Scary patch emblemLumber yard
Harvester emblemStadium
Freak of nature sprayTV station
Woodsman sprayMoving train
Flashy fate stickerQuarry
Ghoulish ghost emblemPort
Chainsaw fiend sprayDowntown
Lil’ demon charmHills
Jack-o’-Lantern charmBoneyard
Spooky scene calling cardStorage town
Skeleton crew spraySuperstore
Joker stickerAirport
Time of the season watchDam
Return to dust blueprintMilitary base

What do Halloween supply boxes look like?

The boxes look normal and can be any traditional color. You’ll get a notification across your screen if you’ve found the Halloween loot.

How to get cleaver blueprint in Warzone zombies

The cleaver blueprint can be found in a supply box around the prison.

How to get pumpkin head in Warzone Halloween promotion

The pumpkin head is both a multiplayer and “Warzone” feature in which players’ operators receive an in-game pumpkin head if they collect at least three kills in a single life. The Jack-o’-Lantern head catches fire with a killstreak of 10.