Kim Kardashian Isn’t Alone: See More Pop Culture Favorites Turning 40


There are so many anniversaries to keep up with this year!

It’s a big week for Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans, with Kim Kardashian turning 40 on Oct. 21.

It comes as no surprise that the entrepreneur knows how to celebrate in style, but while the reality star and businesswoman deserves a big celebration, she’s not the only one reaching the major 4-0 milestone.

Have you recently enjoyed some flavorful Sriracha sauce on your burrito? Or maybe you can’t stop watching The Shining this October season. Or do you have a Rubik’s Cube on your work from home desk?

All of these instrumental things that we love and appreciate today were introduced to us in the year 1980—a year that kicked off a decade of technological advancement, new wave and synthpop music, modern Hollywood Blockbusters, and more.

Although these phenomenon’s have been around for some time now, their impact is just as revolutionary and invigorating as when they first came on the scene.