How brands are using innovation to be more eco


Businesses becoming sustainable has become imperative rather than an option as the world grapples with climate change in a post coronavirus pandemic world.

Companies ranging from Tesla, Unilever, to fashion brand Toms have realised sustainability is not just an environmental issue but also a business and economic model that is attractive to consumers.

Businesses that agree with scientists know it is critical to limit global warming to at least 2 degrees Celsius to avoid the most dangerous consequences of climate change.

And new business leaders see innovation and creative thinking as key to cutting global emissions, especially after the coronavirus outbreak.

But the long road to sustainability could be threatened and the need for some companies to recover financially from the crisis could stall or even reverse this progress.

For some companies, sustainability is no longer an option, and the crisis has made this even clearer.

According to a survey by the sustainable business specialist Edie, just 30% of professionals said their company was still investing in sustainability and energy-saving technology during the outbreak.

But the pandemic has also accidentally enabled companies to meet their sustainability targets as offices have been largely empty, production halted and flights have been grounded.

While the world is rethinking what matters, some businesses have found an opportunity to reflect on their impact on the environment, produce more responsibly and take action to cut global emissions. The pandemic could open a new door for society’s well-being.

In this special edition of Living Debates, we will hear from brands across a variety of sectors about their sustainability successes.

How did they get there? What were the biggest challenges, and how did they overcome them? What are the opportunities and risks?

Join us in a virtual debate on Thursday 22 October at 10:00 CEST where you will hear from people who are already on the journey to true sustainability, what they have learnt along the way, and how you can mirror their success.

We will also be putting some of your questions to our panel.

See you there!