AFL news | Port Adelaide vs Richmond prelim, Kane Cornes bakes Ken Hinkley


“We’ll back our own systems in.”

That sentiment from Ken Hinkley, regarding Richmond superstar Dustin Martin, have earned the Port Adelaide coach a bake from former Power great Kane Cornes.

Martin had 21 disposals and booted two goals as the Tigers beat minor premiers Port to a Grand Final spot on Friday night in the prelims. The margin was just six points.

Hinkley said leading into the game that the Power would have to contain Martin collectively, yet that failed to eventuate. Cornes blew up after undersized defender Darcy Byrne-Jones was sent to Martin, regardless of the Port player being an All Australian this year.

“‘We’ll back our own systems in’ … If I hear that one more time against Dustin Martin, I’m actually going to explode,” Cornes said on The Sunday Footy Show.

“You’ve got two weeks to come up with a match-up for Dustin Martin and the best you could give me was Darcy Byrne-Jones? He weighs 77kg and he’s on Dustin Martin? What is going on?

“That is the greatest finals player we have ever seen and you’re letting him run around and do whatever he wants in a prelim final. In a game that is won by six goals, you get that.

“That’s a rag doll, that 77kg, that’s the best match-up you could come up with in two weeks. And unfortunately for Ken, it’s probably – maybe – cost him a premiership.”