Chris Cuomo & Ted Cruz Get Into A Heated Debate While On-Air


There is no doubt that this is an important election year, and many people are still trying to digest the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Chris Cuomo’s show, and one of the most talked moments happened when the two men got into a heated debate after Chris Cuomo asked Cruz about whether President Trump went “soft” on the far-right group the Proud Boys.

Ted Cruz said, “I wish he would have been much clearer in his denunciation. I’m glad he sought to walk it back, I’m glad that his campaign sought to walk it back, but let me be clear also, the press is completely hypocritical on this issue.”

Things started to become more heated when Chris questioned Ted about his support for Trump, especially when Trump has insulted him in the past.

Chris said, “The old Ted Cruz, who he called Lyin’ Ted when he wasn’t insulting your wife and father. What happened to that, Ted? I don’t know if he changed or just you changed, for some reason.”

He continued, “It all troubles me, Ted, to watch guys like you stand by and stroke your beard like a wise man, instead of telling the president to get on it when you have power.”

Ted responded, and told Chris to tell his “brother to get on it,” referring to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Chris responded back and said, “My brother will stand for his own record. Why don’t you talk to the president like you talk to my brother? You afraid of him? You think he’ll smack you down at home?” My brother’s not the president. I’m talking about the president. The one who called you a liar, the one who said your wife was ugly! That guy. The one you won’t say anything about.”

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Check out an extended version of their exchange below:


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