Laura Dern Earns An A+ After Crashing Daughter’s TikTok With Homework


What better way to get your kids to focus on their homework than by invading their social media space? Laura Dern figured that out by dropping in on her 15-year-old daughter Jaya Harper‘s TikTok account. 

On Sept. 15, Harper—whose dad is Dern’s ex, Ben Harper—posted a short video to the platform of her mom reading a passage from Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. “Let’s spend our time making a TikTok. You want to make a TikTok? I’ve got an idea. Let’s transform TikTok since I’m homeschooling you,” the Big Little Lies star, who joins countless parents teaching from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, said while staring into the camera. “Let’s read our homework on TikTok.”

She then began to passionately read from the book as Harper laughed from behind the camera and panned to their husky lounging on the couch next to Dern. 

The video aptly captioned, “The only way Laura will get me to do my homework,” has received over 55,000 views, making Dern a TikTok superstar.