Casino Design Tricks That Increase Player Engagement


    Casinos all around the globe are big business both local venues and, on the internet, as online casino versions. Whether you are at a casino in Canada, the US, any Asian gambling heaven or simply on the world wide web all operators have one goal: attract customers and increase player activity. They strive to introduce as many features as possible to make the entire experience even more enjoyable and lasting. Here are some interesting insights of the small tricks casinos use to indulge their customer base into more playing and of course spending.

    Playing with Chips

    If you have ever visited land-based venues, you had an opportunity to play with chips. Casinos use them instead of money to make players feel more at ease with spending money. Players don’t have a feeling of actually spending real cash when they use chips, which are more like Monopoly money, so they continue placing bets. At the same time, if they lose some chips, the feeling is the same. Some casinos tend to introduce cards loaded with cash as an alternative to chips usage.

    No Clocks and Dimmed Light Inside

    Another way to motivate players to spend more is by designing the casino space without any clock. It means that players can spend hours on gambling without noticing what time is it. Logically, it leads to higher costs and personal expenses at venues as they operate 24/7 however it pays out. The light conditions are also perfectly adjusted to relax the customers, never to bright or too dark, just the perfect mix to feel comfortable at any time of the day, without knowing what time it is – clever trick!

    Free Alcohol

    Most brick and mortar venues provide players with free drinks to boost their casino experience. In this way, players feel special for getting some free alcohol, so they carry on with their activity. Additionally, booze might influence some people’s judgment if they don’t drink responsibly and spending increases as fun level rise.

    Land-based casinos go further by offering free hotel accommodation along with free meals for its customers. In order to receive such a prize, you should make a sufficient number of wagers at the venue. Players logically accept the gift and they do not leave the casino at all. After spending a night, they place wagers again and casinos are happy to see that.

    Visual Elements Available at Online Platforms

    Not only land-based venues motivate players to spend more, but also online platforms have the same practice. Casino developers create games with all possible features which attract players’ attention and keep them playing for hours. When you are playing colorful slots, you are really engaged with all these symbols on the screen. Providers are also incorporating elements of popular series and TV shows in casino games to make the whole experience even more entertaining.

    Great Soundtrack

    Online casinos are also working on the creation of attractive sound effects, which give players a familiar and comfy feel. Games usually come with pleasant, relaxing melodies and players enjoy them on a regular basis. Some casinos also introduce melodies from popular movies or Netflix series to boost customers’ attention. When you make some winnings, the casino will feature a celebratory sound or the famous coin waterfall sound anyone loves to hear. Sounds and music have an incredible influence on our sub conscience and the online industry knows this and actively uses this fact for its benefit.

    Loyalty Perks

    One more activity that is usual at established online casinos as you can find on CasinoCanuck is the activation of attractive loyalty programs. As part of these programs, players are offered loyalty points, VIP rewards or other perks for frequent playing. After collection of a particular number of points, customers have a possibility to redeem them for real cash and boost the experience even more. They also introduce VIP levels allowing players to progress from one to another, with more available perks. This is actually a great way to get something back for playing just like cashback points in your local supermarket, so Loyalty Programs are fully embraced by online casino players. Casinos might also award players with real perks such as sports tickets, travel tickets, or cash rewards.

    Marketing strategies and tricks are part of our modern world, so it is not really surprising that casinos are using these methods to enhance activity. Experienced players benefit from Loyalty Programs and the perks offered and know how to gamble at their own page and frequency.