Where to play real money games in Canada


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    Gambling in Canada isn’t bound by the same stringent rules of the past. Right now you can legally wager in just about any province, with the vast assortment of games and casinos countrywide making room for a vast spectrum of gambling preferences. If you are visiting Canada or only getting started with gambling, here is a guide to where you can gamble in the country:

    Online casinos

    Online casinos have already dethroned traditional brick-and-mortar casinos as Canada’s gambling option of choice. But these platforms come with the same issues experienced in other online-based transactions, which are mostly about reputation and reliability.

    There are hundreds of online casinos accessible from Canada, but only a few tens can be described as tried-and-tested. A number of them are new in the industry, while others have blemishes from past incidents. You cannot just trust a platform because it sells itself as the most popular and trusted or a leading light in certain aspects.

    The digital world provides marketers with a level playing field to tout their brands as much as they want. It is up to the user to conduct research to determine who is trustworthy and who is not. Review sites are an excellent place to start, but there are also blogs that compare online casinos in Canada.

    The perfect online casino should possess the following attributes:

    • A simple and straightforward user interface
    • Good page load speeds
    • An extensive assortment of games
    • Several deposit and withdrawal options
    • Responsible, 24-hour customer support
    • Quick money payouts
    • Transparent terms and conditions
    • Compliance with national and provincial regulations
    • High or no payout limits
    • Reliable promotions
    • Automatic and generous bonuses
    • Easy player verification
    • Regional inclusivity

    The number one priority for any gambling platform should be the safety and satisfaction of their players, so focus on these factors when poring over reviews and customer feedback.

    Land-based casinos

    Canada is home to more than 80 land-based casinos. The bulk of these casinos are small-scale facilities with few electronic machines and limited games, while others are large establishments, affiliated to luxury hotels and owned by renowned international casino operators.

    Just so you know, gambling is legal in all ten Canadian provinces. What varies are the laws that regulate casino operations in the various provinces. For example, the legal gambling age is 19 in all states except Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta, where it is 18.

    There are still many people who fancy land-based casinos over online platforms, and it is not hard to see why. While web-based casinos are easier to access and offer more extensive game assortments, their brick-and-mortar counterparts possess arguably the most significant selling point: the thrilling ambience of a conventional physical casino. It goes without saying that this is why many online casino site designs are crafted after actual casinos.

    Online Casinos vs Land-Based Casinos

    What you deem the better option is a matter of individual conscience, but there are factors you cannot ignore. For example, how tight is your schedule and how much time per day do you have for gambling? What kinds of games do you like playing? How far is the nearest land-based establishment in your province?

    The most convenient option is the one you can fit perfectly into your schedule without forfeiting the fun of playing casino games. If you are only available to play in the middle of the night after work or your favourite game is only available online, then maybe an online platform is better for you. It is also worth noting that the resumption of casino operations during the pandemic is still ongoing across many locations, so players may have to rely on online platforms.

    Land-based casinos are suitable for people who just can’t find the gripping atmosphere of conventional casinos on online platforms. You must also have a pretty relaxed schedule to enjoy gambling in a land-based casino.

    The bottom line is to subscribe to a routine that guarantees you fun and doesn’t take a toll on your productivity.