Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek Hit With Sexual Misconduct Allegations by Multiple Women


One of the accusers, Sarah Catherine Golden, who met the musician in Espinho, Portugal, in November 2017, says that their encounter inspired ‘Soap for Joyful Hand’ from Sun Kil Moon’s 2018 album ‘This Is My Dinner’.

Sun Kil Moon‘s musician Mark Kozelek is accused of sexual misconduct by three different women. In a report by Pithfork on Thursday, August 13, Kozelek, who is also behind indie rock band Red House Painters, was said to be doing non-consensual sexual encounters and exposing himself.

An unnamed female musician, she and another female musician were invited to Kozelek’s hotel room after a music festival back in 2014. That was when Kozelek allegedly “acted inappropriately” with her.

Another woman, who was identified by the pseudonym “Andrea,” claimed that the musician “exposed himself to her without consent” when they met up in his hotel room in Raleigh, N.C., during the 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival. It was said that Andrea, who was 19-years-old at the time, said that Kozelek picked her out in the crowd at his performance and invited her up to his room.

She said that it was “literally one of the worst things I’ve had to go through” when Kozelek kept asking her how old she was. While they had more sexual encounters, some of which were consensual, she claimed, “I feel like our sexual relationship, every encounter was him trying to find another thing he could do, and not in a way where he asks for consent or permission.”

The last accuser was Sarah Catherine Golden, who said that the sexual misconduct happened in Espinho, Portugal, in November 2017. It was said that their encounter inspired “Soap for Joyful Hands” from Sun Kil Moon’s 2018 album “This Is My Dinner”. According to Golden, the two went to his hotel room after his concert so he could call her a cab. Before the cab arrived, Kozelek allegedly began masturbating in front of her. He also tried to kiss her and fondle her without her consent. Additionally, she claimed that Kozelek forced her to touch his penis.

Kozelek has yet to comment on the accusations.