How Football Player Greg Kelley Is Rebuilding His Life After a Wrongful Conviction Sent Him to Prison


As he works on putting his world back together, buoyed by his faith and all the love in his life (including from his now-wife Gaebri Anderson, the high school girlfriend who stuck by him throughout his ordeal), he’s also suing the city of Cedar Park, former Police Chief Sean Mannix and Sgt. Christopher Dailey, who was the lead investigator on his case.

According to the lawsuit filed in May and obtained by the Austin American-Statesman, Kelley alleges that Dailey did not verify Kelley’s location the day of the assault, did not investigate other suspects, falsified information about when the assault happened and deleted emails about the case. The suit contends that Dailey was told Kelley hadn’t lived at the McCarty home since June 2013 but changed the date to make it look as if he was still there on the July date the assault was alleged to have occurred.

Dailey resigned in July, according to Spectrum News, and the city sent a letter to the district attorney’s office requesting an investigation into the now-former police sergeant’s conduct. Having previously maintained that he conducted a thorough investigation in the Kelley case, Dailey had yet to comment. Chief Mannix retired from the Cedar Park force in February and was due to assume that role in the much smaller city of Burnet, about 36 miles away, but KXAN reported on July 13 that he would no longer be taking the job.

Kelley had publicly expressed his hope that Dailey and Mannix would be fired, telling reporters outside Burnet City Hall, “The reason why we wanted this to happen guys is because it’s not about me, it’s about the next person. We wanted to make sure that this guy did not want to come right next door to y’all’s town, because I know you guys love your town just like we love ours, and do this to somebody else.”

He added, “The heartache and division it has created in our town is something that should never happen.”