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Fans Are Shocked by How Young Saweetie’s Mom Looks, Mistake Her for Ciara


‘I couldn’t imagine calling this woman nanay,’ one online user comments underneath a photo of Trinidad Valentin enjoying a boat cruise in a two-piece pink bikini.

People now understand why Saweetie looks really gorgeous. Her mother, Trinidad Valentin, has successfully caught the Internet’s attention when several photos of herself started making rounds on social media, prompting people to be shocked over how young she looks.

One of the photos that went viral showed Trinidad enjoying a boat cruise in a two-piece pink bikini as she let her hair flutter in the wind. “This is Saweeties MOM?!” one person could not hide his/her shockness after seeing the photo, and a lot of people apparently felt the same as this user.

“Excuse me. No wonder why saweetie is gorg her mom & dad look tf good,” one other said. “I couldn’t imagine calling this woman nanay,” someone else wrote, while another person commented, “B***hhhhhhh.. you lying…no wonder saweeties so hot.” An individual, in the meantime, credited her young look to her Philippines blood.

There was also a number of people who mistook Trinidad for Ciara. “Thought Ciara done lost all her baby weight already,” one person shared his/her thoughts, with another agreeing, “LMAO YES OMG I SAID THE SAME THING.” Meanwhile, someone echoed the sentiment, “I thought this was Ciara at first.”

Saweetie and her mom, who is of Filipino-Chinese descent, have a good relationship with the former giving her a shoutout on her song “High Maintenance”. She could be heard rapping on the 2017 song, “‘Cause I wouldn’t take a bullet for a nigga, that’s a lie/ And that’s word to my mother, she the Filipino queen/ And she hella high maintenance, I’ma get her what she need.”

Trinidad apparently loved the shoutout so much she even danced along to the part in a video shared by the female emcee. “So my mama loves her shoutout in #HighMaintanence.. so this her part y’all,” Saweetie wrote in the caption at the time. “My Filipino Queen.”

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