Azealia Banks’ Mom Calls Her ‘Piece of S**t’, Wishes Her Dead


In some screenshots of the the rapper’s text messages with her mom, the latter calls her a drug addict and tells her, ‘F**k you go right ahead with your drugs.’

Haters are not the only things that make Azealia Banks stressed out to the point that she was considering suicide. Recently, the femcee took to Instagram to open up about her “toxic” relationship with her mother as she shared a series of screenshots of her text messages with her mom.

In one of the since-deleted photos, her mom accused her of using drugs even before Azealia told her the reason why she contacted her. It got even worse when her mother refused to take care of her dogs so that the rapper could focus on making music. “You been saying the same s**t over and over it sounds like the movie Groundhog Day sorry,” she said. “You have the same pot of soup on the stove heating it up day after I have my own depression.”

Later on, Azealia’s mom did not hold back at all and told her daughter, “Same s**t your coke head father did s**t you. F**k you go right ahead with your drugs.” When the “212” rapper claimed that her mother was the one who got addicted to drugs, the latter responded, “Your dog will go straight to the pound f**k you. I could afford 45. Dollars a month for a phone. Drug addict.”

Azealia said in the caption of the post, “This is also why im extremely stressed out 24/7,” adding, “My mother has been wishing death on me , saying ‘I’m a piece of s**t just like my father’ since I was three years old. This is an extremely toxic relationship I have to cut off. She’s using the potential deaths of my other two dogs chicken and salt as collateral YET AGAIN.”

She continued by asking her followers whether they want to adopt her dogs. “I will let you know where she drops them because I can’t be dealing with this same abusive s**t from childhood if I plan to get ahead and evolve,” Azealia wrote. “I am done with this.”