Watch Bare-Faced Rihanna Reveal Her Best Skincare Tips


Forget love—Rihanna has skincare on the brain. 

Following the launch of her highly anticipated Fenty Skin product line, the world-famous multihyphenate took fans behind the scenes for a look into her current nighttime skincare routine for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

For the magazine’s digital series, “Go To Bed With Me,” the Grammy winner walked viewers through how she uses her three newly launched products to go from a fabulously made-up face to clean, bare skin. 

As she got to work in front of the mirror, the star also divulged some of the “best” skincare tips she’s received and now practices.

“Whether it’s drinking a lot of water or I travel a lot, so my skin gets dry on the plane and I need it to stay hydrated, so I use our Fenty Beauty hydrating mist,” she explained. “It’s a makeup refreshing mist, but it also doubles as a hydrating mist.”