No new positive COVID-19 tests for Marlins, Cardinals


There was finally some good news on the coronavirus front, with Jon Heyman of MLB Network reporting (Twitter
links) the latest test results from two hard-hit teams. Neither the Marlins nor the Cardinals registered any new positive tests for COVID-19.

That means that the Marlins will finally get back to action this evening. That had been the expectation, but the team still needed to log another day without any new positive coronavirus tests.

The Marlins ultimately had 18 players test positive, gutting their active roster. They’ll hope there isn’t another infection lurking in the clubhouse while returning to action with an entirely different roster.

As for the Cards, who had seven positive player tests (among others in the organization), they’re still waiting anxiously in a hotel in Milwaukee. It’ll take another clean set of tests before the team can get back to the playing field, but that’s now a distinct near-term possibility.

As Heyman notes, the St. Louis club could resume play on Friday. That would give the league a full 15-game slate … if nothing goes askew in the meantime.