Maddie Ziegler Apologizes for Past “Ignorant and Racially Insensitive” Videos


Maddie isn’t the only one to issue an apology over resurfaced posts. Her younger sister, Mackenzie Ziegler, went on Instagram Live earlier this week and told her fans she was sorry for her past behavior.

“I’m much more educated now than I was before, and I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry that I offended the Black community, I would never treat you like that now,” she said, holding back the tears, in footage captured by TikTok Room. “And if you guys don’t forgive me, I completely understand.”

According to TikTok Room, Kenzie first apologized in early July on Instagram Stories for allegedly saying racial slurs. However, it’s unclear what term(s) she was accused of mentioning in the past.

“I am sorry for my actions in the past. I am sorry if I offended anyone. That was not my intention. I am NOT a racist. I do not stand for racism,” her message read. “I’m sorry if you all misunderstood me. I’m trying my best.”