Jack Del Rio: My opinions on players opting out would ‘not sit well’ with NFL


As players are opting out for the upcoming NFL season, Washington defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio says that he’s keeping his opinion to himself, as it would likely not be popular among players.

“I have personal views that would probably not sit well with my professional occupation right now,” Del Rio told The Athletic. “I think I’ll just leave it like that.”

So far, there has been little public criticism of players choosing to skip the upcoming season, as America is still very much in the midst of a pandemic that has caused nearly 160,000 deaths. However, it sounds as if Del Rio is none too pleased that some players are not willing to risk their safety and the safety of their families. 

Two of Washington’s defensive players, lineman Caleb Brantley and linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons, have opted out of the upcoming season. Del Rio says that he would be happy to talk with anyone who disagrees with him, including his own players.

“People may have an opinion that is different than mine, which is okay,” Del Rio said. “I’m okay with actually having a conversation about it with anyone, including my players.”