Eliza Reign Reportedly Wants Future Jailed For Failing To Hand Over His Financial Records As Ordered By The Court


TSR Updatez: After Future was determined to be the father of Eliza Reign’s daughter, you would’ve thought the drama would die down but chile, it seems that was just the start.

Eliza Reign is now reportedly asking the court to lock Future up for repeatedly failing to disclose his financial information before they head back to court for a child support hearing at the end of this month.

Eliza filed a motion for contempt against him because he allegedly skated by multiple court orders demanding he provide that information to Eliza’s team, her lawyer told BOSSIP.

Now keep in mind, this is coming after Future tried to get Eliza’s whole case thrown out. 

Future has complained that he doesn’t want to give Eliza any info on his assets because he claims he’s worried about his privacy. But the judge clearly isn’t too concerned, as Future was still ordered to hand the info over.

Eliza’s lawyer says he intends to file a motion to order Future to attend the next court hearing to explain himself to the judge.

In addition to potential jail time, the judge could also put Future on probation or suspend his driver’s license.

These two have been going back and forth, matching each other’s petty for more than a year. The main point of contention was whether Future, who denied his association with Eliza, was the father of her baby.

After paternity was established back in May, the legal battle still continued, with Future also suing Eliza for defamation.

Future’s camp has not responded in regard to the latest developments in the case.

Both Eliza and Future are due back in court at the end of the month. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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