Dwayne Haskins opens up about rivalry with Joe Burrow at OSU


Before putting together the most statistically dominant season in college football history, Joe Burrow spent years struggling to rise up the depth chart at Ohio State, with Burrow ultimately transferring to LSU after losing out on the starting job to Dwayne Haskins. And according to Haskins, the two were not on the best of terms during their battle for the starting job.

“I love Joe but during that battle, for almost two years, me and Joe couldn’t stand each other,” Haskins said on FOX’s Ring Chronicles. “Every day, whether it was morning workouts or when we had to do mat drills and it’d be me and him on the mat drill, it was gritty. Or it was practice and me and him are trying to get in front of each other to get a rep to throw to one of the starting receivers. It was always this heated competition but we knew we got the best out of each other. He made it hard for me and I made it hard for him and I didn’t let him take it away.”

The tension between the two makes sense, as both quarterbacks were surely under the impression that it was their time to be under center for the Buckeyes. And while Haskins makes it clear that the two are good now, it’s not hard to imagine that they were not on the friendliest of terms as they battled it out.

Fortunately, things ended up working out pretty well for both Haskins and Burrow. Haskins won Rose Bowl MVP in early 2019 before getting drafted by the Washington Football Team in the first round of the 2019 draft. Haskins struggled in his first season with the team but appears to have stronghold on the starting spot heading into the season. 

Meanwhile, Burrow was taken No. 1 by the Bengals in this year’s draft after winning the Heisman and National Championship for the LSU Tigers last season.