Cubs’ Steven Souza Jr. ’embarrassed’ by Rob Manfred


It’s no secret that the MLB has faced some major road bumps in its attempt to play a season in the midst of a pandemic, as the league has faced multiple team outbreaks only a few weeks into the shortened season. 

Chicago Cubs outfielder Steven Souza Jr. voiced his frustration with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, saying that his mishandling of this situation has left him feeling “embarrassed” about playing baseball.

“I don’t think what Manfred has done for the sport has been very good,” Souza Jr. said. “I don’t think the way that everything was publicly humiliated was good. I just don’t think it’s been good. I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed as a player to watch this take place…”

Manfred has certainly not boosted his popularity among players during the last few months, as he publicly battled with the Players Association as the two sides attempted to figure out a plan for the season. He has also implied that if the season is canceled, it will be because of the players being irresponsible. His behavior is sharply contrasted with NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who has worked with players every step of the way to ensure that the resumed bubble season has been safe and enjoyable.

Of course, all criticism of Manfred could be quickly forgotten if the MLB is able to successfully finish its season. However, if the season is shut down, which even Manfred admits is a possibility, then public opinion may turn against him for good, especially among players who share Souza’s embarrassment.