Chance the Rapper Is Teaching 4-Year-Old Daughter That “Black Power Is Her Superpower”


Chance the Rapper has some very important lessons for his little girl. 

As the star shared with Parents, he and wife Kirsten Corley have been using this time amid the Black Lives Matter movement to impart some powerful knowledge on their 4-year-old firstborn daughter, Kensli

“My kids are young,” he told Parents of Kensli and daughter Marli, whose first birthday is Aug. 29. “Mainly, we’ve been teaching Kensli to love herself, to understand that her opinion is important, to understand that Black is beautiful and that Black power is her superpower.”

“Marli,” he noted, “I’ve just been trying to teach her how to walk.”

In this historic time of change and progress, the 27-year-old Grammy winner also reflected on this moment and how he has better understood racism.  

“I think freedom, or even just the lack of oppression and racism, starts with recognizing the humanity in others. And I think we’re kind of indoctrinated to look at people who aren’t in our same tier of social hierarchy as ‘other.’ This time is calling into question everyone’s morality and everybody’s sense of complicity and the oppression of people at large,” he pointed out to the magazine.

“I think one thing that has helped me understand racism is realizing that people can adhere to racist systems and benefit from them without necessarily consciously doing so,” he further shared. “And my understanding of that came from my being able to see how I could be complicit in patriarchy and sexism.”