Buffalo Bills Cornerback Tre’Davious White Gets A Man Together For Saying He Wouldn’t Hire Anyone With His Name


TSR Black Excellence: As black people, we catch enough slack from the corporate world regarding our names, and how they relate to our culture. Unfortunately, our very cultured names are often seen as “ghetto”, and are judged harshly among other names. Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White was not having it with a black man, who said he would never hire somebody with his name.

The ignorance started showing on Twitter when user “Cliggaveli” tweeted that he would not hire a person if he saw their name was “Tre’Davious” on their application for employment. He also noted some very negative stereotypes about black people.

“If I’m hiring and I see a name gonna application “Tre’Davious” nope I’m ballin his app up and tossin it inna trash like a George Gervin finger roll… I can just hear his pants saggin.”

Welp, Tre’Davious got this man all the way together by giving him a little rundown of his accomplishments and credentials!

“Shame on you!!,” he replied. “This Tre’Davious is a high school class valedictorian and a two time All Sec Academic Honor Roll Student. Also, I graduated in 3.5 years from LSU! But, it don’t matter ima be the one doing the hiring!! I’m my own damn boss. NEXT.”

Fans also came to Tre’s defense, making it known that self hate is the worst kind.

“White people will have last names like Lutherburgeren but ‘Tre’Davious’ is somehow too much? The self hate really be running through y’all veins like a Tomb Raider!”

What are your thoughts, Roomies?

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