Queen’s Balmoral estate on high alert for venomous snakes


The Queen will need to be careful when she’s out and about on her Balmoral estate this summer.

The UK’s only venomous snake is widespread on the 50,000 acre site .

The one pictured is a full-grown adder that was ­photographed yesterday as it crossed the road beside Crathie Kirk, where the Queen worships while on her annual break north of the Border.

The adder is a ­protected species under the 1981 Wildlife and ­Countryside Act.

A Balmoral ranger said: “Adders are fairly common here. They’re regularly seen all over the estate.

“If you come across one, give it a wide berth and let it move away”.

Adders grow up to 2.5ft long. Their bites are very painful but not lethal, except to people with underlying medical ­conditions.

The last recorded death in the UK was in 1975. Some 50 to 80 people are bitten each year.