‘LHH’ Star Sukihana Compared to Wolverine After Showing Off Super Long Fake Toenails


Flaunting her matching manicure and pedicure through an Instagram post, the reality TV star and musician writes, ‘Oh cause I thought the flenstones said something.’

Putting on fake nails is a common thing among celebrities. In fact, some of those stars even go as far as sporting really long fake nails just to look good. Even though this isn’t a strange thing anymore, what Sukihana did still successfully baffled a lot of people because not only her fingers, but she also put on super long fake nails on her toes.

Sukihana took to her Instagram account on Wednesday, July 29 to show off her matching manicure and pedicure that was inspired by “The Flintstones“. Alongside a photo of her flaunting her nails inside a car, the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star wrote, “Oh cause I thought the flenstones said something.”

People couldn’t help but comment on her super long fake toenails, with one comparing her to the Marvel character, Wolverine. “Yeah she lost her damn mind during this pandemic,” one was convinced, while another person said, “If she bump her toe on side of the bed…. she’s done.” Someone else commented, “I guess she sleep with no sheets on the bed and walk around with the Chinese slippers they gave you at the nail salon.”

Meanwhile, some other people were wondering how she could put on shoes or socks with the toenails. “How u gonna put on shoes & walk,” one genuinely asked, while an individual asked a similar question, “I just have one question how are you going to wear shoes??” There was also someone who said, “her toes look like a wrinkly sack. suki girl dis ain’t it.”

“Whatever she’s trying to gain from her foolishness needs to show up asap,” one other person mocked her, while another got so mad seeing the fake toenails s/he wrote in all-caps, “THESE LEPRECHAUN TOE NAILS ARE UPSETTING ME AND MY HOMEGIRLS.” One more individual said, “When u look up the word ghetto this is what you will see.”

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