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Haitian Rapper Confronting 50 Cent at Restaurant Reportedly Has Been Stalking Him


Loui Welli, who recently approached the ‘Power’ star when he was on a date in a New Jersey mall, is believed to the same man who was caught on camera having an argument with Fif over a year ago.

It was recently reported that 50 Cent went berserk at a man while having a dinner date with a woman who was believed to be his girlfriend at a New Jersey mall. Turns out it wasn’t the first time the “In da Club” spitter had a stand-off with the man, who has been identified as a New Jersey Haitian rapper named Loui Welli.

According to MTO News, Loui had done it before. The aspiring rapper is believed to be the same man who was bothering Fiddy when he was on a date with Nikki Nicole over a year ago. Including a video that caught the heated argument between the two men on the street, the site claims that Loui may have been stalking Fif. Things, however, didn’t turn physical during their previous confrontation.

Earlier this month, TMZ reported that Fif threw a table and a chair at a wannabe rapper after he interrupted the superstar’s dinner date in New Jersey. The “Power” star/co-creator was seated in the patio area of Spirit Lounge at the Edgewater Commons Mall on Wednesday night, July 8 when he was approached by the young man.

In a video obtained by the site, the two men argued before 50 lost his temper, grabbing furniture and throwing it in his direction, with a table reportedly hitting a nearby car. The other guy ripped off his own shirt, seemingly challenging the 45-year-old star to a fight.

The two parties quickly left the premise before police arrived as police sirens were heard in the background, with 50 and his female companion climbing into a white Rolls-Royce. No arrests were made and authorities are not pursuing charges.

As for the previous incident, it was said that Loui pestered the hip-hop heavyweight outside a movie theater when he attempted to have the star check out his rhymes on Instagram.

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