Madden 21 announces franchise mode features and they’re a big letdown: ‘The EA joke continues’


EA Athletics confronted hefty criticism with its “Madden NFL 21” trailer. The YouTube movie at present stands at 16,000 likes as opposed to 41,000 dislikes. If you go through by way of the feedback, most persons ended up inquiring for an enhanced model of franchise mode.

Effectively on Tuesday, EA Athletics produced its Gridirion Notes for franchise mode in Madden 21 and it is … not excellent.

To be honest, the advancements to Deal with of the Franchise glance actually exciting. EA Athletics manufactured it so you start out your occupation in significant college, perform in university, have the alternative to adjust positions, go by way of the mix and select your NFL storyline. All of this is fantastic, and I will glance ahead to Deal with of the Franchise when the video game will come out.

But the franchise mode features, if you can even get in touch with them that, are in essence just patch updates.

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Madden 21 franchise features

The very first two things on Madden 21’s expose of franchise features are that the new X-Variables will be incorporated, and the playoffs are up-to-date to function the true-existence expanded wild-card playoff spherical. Other updates contain advancements on rookie contracts, skills, dev qualities, depth charts and playbook strategies for fictional coaches.

All of these are really small advancements. In reality, it appears like the greater part of these could have been up-to-date in Madden 20 with a basic patch deal with.

Franchise mode utilised to be a staple in the Madden movie video game collection. You can shell out many several hours creating your workforce into a dynasty. It was the primary motive some persons desired to acquire the video game at all. But as Madden Supreme Group turned additional well-known, the features for franchise mode began to vanish little by little just about every calendar year right up until supporters obtained a bare bones model.

What we are receiving in Madden 21 seems to be the worst model nevertheless. And supporters took observe adhering to Madden’s announcement.

Even Lions jogging back again Kerryon Johnson joined in on poking exciting at Madden’s absence of franchise mode advancements.

There are a ton of interesting new features coming to Madden 21, which include staff based mostly audibles, zone drops, spot-based mostly tackling and additional. But these additions only aid to serve the hardcore avid gamers instead than the informal lover who just needs to create a workforce in franchise mode.

The portion that frustrates supporters the most is that franchise mode utilised to have all of the features they want. But for some motive, these features stored receiving taken off. It can be not just that Madden isn’t going to have any new updates to franchise mode, it is that they’re receiving rid of issues, far too.

Even with the apparent desire for it, which can be observed in reaction to any tweet Madden sends out, the builders have decided it is not well worth their time. Or they’re hoping supporters of franchise mode will as a substitute change to Deal with of the Franchise, very similar to how supporters of NBA 2K have liked MyCareer.

With Deal with of the Franchise significantly additional fleshed out in Madden 21, perhaps some supporters will permit go of their frustrations with the common franchise mode. But you will find nevertheless a big group out there that will not likely quit right up until EA Athletics does some thing to deal with the injury.