Hurt in a Car Accident? DSS Law Firm Shares How Much Your Claim Could Be Worth


    Getting hurt in a car accident is a traumatic experience for all involved. However, you can and should get the justice you deserve to cope with medical costs and lost income.

    With car accidents in New Jersey hitting a 50-year low as a result of coronavirus restrictions leaving the roads empty, the number of new claims has dropped. But if you are injured in an accident, how much could your claim be worth? DSS Law Firm explains what goes into determining the value of a case.

    The Nature of the Injuries Sustained

    It’s impossible to determine exactly how much your case could be worth because every car accident is different. Although New Jersey car accident statistics separate accidents into categories, there’s far more variation when determining how much a settlement is worth, says DSS Law Firm.

    The main factor is the nature of the injuries sustained. Invasive procedures, permanent disability, and long treatment periods all increase the value of a settlement.

    Both lawyers and insurers have the jury in mind, even if the case never actually makes it to court. They think about which factors a jury would have to take into account when determining settlements.

    This is why emotional and mental distress yields smaller settlements than serious physical injuries.

    Get an Experienced Lawyer Specializing in Car Accident Settlements

    DSS Law Firm says that lawyers and insurance companies all agree on one thing: they never want the case to reach a courtroom. This is where costs escalate and things get messy. A settlement is always the number one priority for both parties.


    However, it’s in your best interest to hire a lawyer with a great track record in resolving car accident lawsuits.

    Negotiation is the cornerstone of any settlement. The insurance company will always attempt to lowball on settlements and only the best lawyers are capable of ensuring that you get the fair settlement you’re looking for.

    Is there Always a Claim When it Comes to Car Accidents?

    Even minor injuries have the potential to pay out thousands of dollars. Victims of car accidents should always make an effort to seek out medical treatment. Don’t avoid seeking out treatment for relatively minor aches and pains as these can grow worse over time when left unresolved.

    Simple chiropractic treatment can provide a small amount of compensation plus the bills covered in full.

    DSS Law Firm, makes clea, an experienced lawyer will always assess your case as part of a thorough initial consultation and give you an honest answer as to your chances of successfully claiming compensation.

    How to Make Sure You Receive the Full Claim Amount

    The legal industry always recommends that you must act in the right manner if you’re involved in an accident on the road.

    First of all, you should always see a doctor immediately and speak to your lawyer before doing anything else. Never sign anything and never speak to an insurance company. Let your lawyer do everything on your behalf.

    Getting the full value of your claim always revolves around hiring an experienced car accident attorney to represent you.