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Blast Off With These 25 Facts About Apollo 13


12. Lovell was Neil Armstrong‘s backup for Apollo 11, and then he was set on the timetable for Apollo 14, but he and his crew have been bumped up in line. 

“I went home and I told my wife, ‘We’re gonna go on 13, not 14,’ and she said, ’13?'” Lovell recalled in an job interview with Astronomy journal. “I said, ‘Well, it comes after 12.’ Then they put that in the movie.”

13. Kathleen Quinlan (who produced her film debut in 1973’s American Graffiti co-starring Ron Howard) was nominated for a Greatest Supporting Actress Oscar for her flip as Marilyn Lovell, Jim’s substantial university sweetheart and spouse due to the fact 1952. And just as the actors immersed by themselves in that NASA globe to put together, Quinlan did her investigation into what it was truly like becoming an astronaut’s spouse. 

“I met Marilyn, and she was so gracious and helpful,” Quinlan recalled to Smashing Interviews in 2014. “Jim and Marilyn flew me to Houston. Jim really flew the airplane, and Marilyn sat in the again serving espresso. It was truly adorable.

“I satisfied a ton of the astronauts’ wives, and I understood when I satisfied them and talked with them what a solid, essential impact they have been on their husbands and the place they have been in their minds ahead of they took off. They experienced to be truly all set, and it experienced a ton to do with who was there supporting them. Marilyn was extremely useful.”