Did JT and Lil Uzi Vert Use to Be Dating?


The romance speculation occurs right after a supporter requires to her Twitter account to share that the ‘XO TOUR Lif3′ rapper and the Metropolis Girls’ member point out every other in their music.

A key romance? Men and women are certain that Metropolis Ladies member JT and Lil Uzi Vert utilized to be in a intimate romantic relationship as the alleged few lifted fans’ eyebrows with their habits such as identify-dropping every other in their music.

A supporter lately took to her Twitter account to share that the two hip-hop stars talked about every other in their music. JT experienced the bars which read through, “Gotta be winnin’ like Uzi,” in Metropolis Girls’ track “Winnin”. In the meantime, Uzi rapped, “Took JT out the city,” in “Lo Mein”.

“JT and Uzi each name dropped each other in their songs’, how did y’all not know they were messing around?” the supporter captioned her article. More fueling the speculations, Uzi also responded to one particular of JT’s tweets which read through, “F**k that dog. n***a Forever I mean it toxic a** b***h.” In a now-deleted tweet, Uzi replied with a sticking the tongue out emoji, prompting enthusiasts to believe that that JT’s tweet was about him.

In reaction to the rumors, some enthusiasts were being baffled. “Soooo, why y’all ain’t tell me that JT and Lil Uzi Vert were a thing?” a supporter questioned. “Where was I when Uzi & JT became a thing?” somebody else echoed the sentiment.

“I remember the live when she first cane home or was in work release. They both were beating around the bush but I knew something was up,” one particular other man or woman additional. As astonishing as it could be, a supporter famous that “this cane be real. Such an odd couple.. But when she jumped, she did always talk about Uzi and how she loves his music so who knows.”

Even so, somebody considered that all that was pretend and intentional. Speaking about JT’s Instagram Stay in which she was mad about somebody “horrible” and “toxic,” a supporter wrote, “JT’s ‘rant’ about Lil Uzi was definitely a publicity stunt to get ppl to stream. y’all think City girl JT finna be crying about a n***a fr?”