Backlinking & Link-Building Strategies for Your Business


    The link profile is an extremely important ranking factor. The search engine takes into account the link mass associated with the resource when deciding on its rank and reputation. So let’s figure out which backlinks are pointless for the website and which link-building strategies will work best for your online project.

    Backlinks That Your Site Doesn’t Need

    Did you know that not all backlinks work and that some of them may even be harmful when promoting your online site on Google or any other search engine? Let’s figure out all the pitfalls here to understand which automatic backlinks will be of great value to your business.

    The basic principle is simple. All “artificial” links are recognized as spam and are either not taken into account by the search engine or they entail a site falling under a particular filter. In most cases, Google just ignores them.

    The following are the most common types of such links:

    • Text ads that are detected by the PageRank system;
    • Sponsored links detected by the PageRank system;
    • Links with the text optimized for search engines posted as a part of articles or press releases published on third-party sites;
    • Poor-quality links from catalogs and bookmarking services;
    • Full with KWs, hidden or low-quality links in widgets displayed on various sites;
    • Links distributed in footers or templates of various sites;
    • Comments on forums with specific links in the body of the message or signature.

    All the above links will simply not work for promoting your site. So, we do not recommend that you invest in them.

    Google directory links are no longer counted, even when it comes to normal spam rates. The search engine clearly determines that the link is placed solely for the purpose of increasing the link mass and is not natural. A similar situation is with links posted on forums, as well as various articles with lists and ratings.

    Backlinks That Your Site Needs

    Search engines love a variety of donors. This is where crowd marketing can do the magic for your business. This promotion approach comes with the attraction of the target audience through the placement of testimonials on different pages. With the help of crowd marketing, you can add naturalness to the link profile, increase audience reach, and improve the image of the company.

    Crowd mentions on relevant sites (with high ranks) can bring you potential customers and not just random users. Link building experts favor crowdfunding. The main reason is that this method is safe, low-cost, and brings impressive results. It is only important not to put a lot of anchor links on a promoted website and limit the number of commercial anchors (price, sale, etc.), especially if the links are open.

    When forming a link building strategy, it is important to do the following:

    1. Stimulate a gradual link growth;
    2. Avoid sharp reference “explosion;”
    3. Maintain a balance of anchor and non-anchor links;
    4. Take into account the performance of donor domains.

    Experts Saying

    Link building is an important part of promoting a business on the network and increasing the number of customers and leads. Proper promotion of your online resource with links on certain sites can make your key pages land at the TOP of SERP and improve the image of the company.