YOU. Has fewer intrusive fans thanks to self-quarantine

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In related news, Tip shares that his favorite 'Verzuz' showdown it's between Babyface and Teddy Riley, before revealing that he's up against 50 Cent in the song battle.

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Self quarantine is apparently not entirely bad for YOU.. The rapper revealed during a new interview that self-isolation gives him a break from "intruder" fans.

"I'm not really stumbling," T.I. saying Brandon Jenkins in an episode of the podcast "The Mogul Mixtapes" while talking about people who anticipate that the quarantine will end. "Actually I'd like to keep it as close to this as possible. Like, move when I want to move," he shared.

List of some positive aspects of staying at home in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak, T.I. "There's no rush to do anything. No traffic, no one in my face. S ** t was a bit … I don't know if anyone else felt it. Maybe because I'm YOU, but it was a little intrusive, brother!"

"People just attack you, throw phones at your face. They just annoy you, they come up to you and hold the phone like they're in front of you and face. That wasn't much." he continued saying.

YOU. Then she said she hoped that people would learn to respect the personal space of others regardless of their celebrity or non-celebrity status. "I don't like it when the club is so full," T.I. explained. "Nobody has fun when the club is so full!"

This came after the recent appearance of T.I. from "Open Late With Peter Rosenberg" by Complex. Speaking about quarantine, Tip said: "S ** t solid state. I think it is a perfect time to make changes in your life, learn new skills, read new books. Just apply something different."

Tip admitted that he really enjoyed Baby face and Teddy rileyconfrontation, and he shared that he was willing to go blow for blow against any of his generation. Then he hinted that it might be interesting if he and 50 cents facing each other. When someone suggested you go against little WayneThe Atlanta native replied, "It will be difficult." While Fiddy hasn't commented on T.I.'s challenge yet, he previously said he wanted to fight. Snoop dogg.