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Watch Brie Bella's daughter sound in her swimming class


Is Brie Bellathe daughter of a natural in the pool?

In this bonus clip from season 5 of Total fine, retired WWE superstar brings daughter Birdie Joe Danielson to a pool for swimming lessons. Why? Well because twin Nikki BellaThe new house next door has a pool, no gate!

"Nicole's new house has a beautiful pool, but there is no door to the pool," Brie laments in a confessional. Next door is her two-year-old niece, who is obsessed with her and could easily run away from home, come. So being able to swim is really important. "

While Brie is a good swimmer, her husband Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson) has struggled with swimming in the past. Therefore, the Belle Radici co-founder is eager for her daughter to learn to swim sooner rather than later.

And it seems that the boy has already thrown himself into the water when he demands that his mother, Aunt Nikki and Artem Chigvintsev "Come in … pool!"

"We are kicking," Birdie declares as she is assisted by her mother. "Bir Bir, kick!"

"Kick, kick, kick,quot; the Total fine The star encourages her daughter.

However, the little one does not enjoy all aspects of swimming. Case in point: You have zero interest in submerging your head underwater.

"Bird, but the only way to improve swimming is if you dive in, baby," says Brie. "That's part of it."

"No no no!" Birdie responds. "No no no no no no!"

"Ready? One …" Brie says before being interrupted by Birdie's creepy scream. Of course, this reaction has Brie, Nikki, and Artem laughing and feeling bad for Birdie.

Since Brie and Bryan's daughter is such a fan of Nikki, she tries to convince the little boy to go underwater. Unfortunately, Birdie is not convinced and keeps her head above water.

Check out this scene in the bonus clip above! For more cute Birdie moments, be sure to scroll through the images below!

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