Up News Info Saturday Morning Links: May 23, 2020 – Up News Info


Minnesota Weather: Red Flag Warning Issued for Northeast MinnesotaThe combination of low humidity and windy winds is expected to set the stage Monday afternoon for possible wildfires in northeast Minnesota.

How the air quality of the twin cities has been affected by the coronavirus pandemicPollution has decreased, at least temporarily, worldwide as a result of COVID-19 orders to stay home. We are now seeing how those stay-at-home orders have impacted air quality in the United States and more specifically in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota weather: frost warning issued for much of southern MinnesotaDo you have plants outside of you that you want to keep alive? Then cover or wear them on Thursday night as temperatures are expected to drop below or nearly freeze on Friday morning.

Minnesota Weather: National Weather Service issues red flag warningExtreme fire conditions today in much of Minnesota have resulted in the National Weather Service issuing a Red Flag Warning to many counties.

Is winter over?If there is a constant about Minnesota's climate, it is that it can change at any time.


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