Twitter claims that Doja Cat is racist against blacks: she wants to be canceled #DOJACATISOVERPARTY


Doja Cat faces one of the biggest crises in the young singer's career. MTO News has learned that there is a growing movement on social media to "cancel,quot; the superstar singer.

And this is not the first time that fans have tried to cancel Doja Cat. Last month, fans on Twitter urged that it be & # 39; be canceled & # 39; after Doja Cat cast a shadow on Nicki Minaj and her fans.

But this is much more serious.

So what did Doja Cat do? According to Twitter users, Doja Cat was on a video chat site with "racists,quot;. There she spoke of not wanting to be black, "but at least it's thick."

The allegations have not been confirmed, and Doja Cat has not commented on the situation. But this is what is happening on Twitter:


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