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Tristan Thompson's alleged baby mom compares her photo to her son's to support her claim

<pre><pre>Tristan Thompson's alleged baby mom compares her photo to her son's to support her claim

Kimberly Alexander, who believes the Canadian basketball player is the father of her son, posts a side-by-side photo of the athlete and her son, defending herself: "I'm not crazy."

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Kimberly Alexander, a woman who claims that Tristan Thompson She fathered her son, refusing to be silenced despite being slapped with a cease and desist letter. She continues to stir up the drama of parenting with her social media activities.


On Friday, May 22, Kimberly posted a side-by-side photo of the NBA star and her 5-year-old son on Instagram Stories, apparently to point out the similarity between the two and support their claim. In the next post, she defended herself against the skeptics as she wrote, "All of you now, leave me alone !!! I'm not crazy [an emoji yawning]."

Kimberly came out earlier this month on charges that Tristan is the father of her son. Although he has already performed a DNA test that proved he is not the father, she accused him of fabricating the result. He also claimed that the ex-girlfriend of the Canadian athlete Khloe Kardashian helped him cover his dirt.


Tristan, through his attorney Marty Singer, sent him a cease and desist letter, but instead of refraining from speaking about it in public, Kimberly responded on social media. She claimed that the 29-year-old heartthrob was lying about the timeline of their relationship, after he allegedly described their relationship as an overnight affair that took place around 2011/2012, years before her son was born.

Tristan later sued her for defamation, alleging that Kimberly has "maliciously accused" the professional basketball player of being "an imbecile father", while the result of the DNA test has shown that he is not the father of her son. According to the lawsuit, the Canadian athlete offered to perform a second DNA paternity test by an AABB-accredited laboratory believing they would produce the same results, but Kimberly declined and insisted on a third-party option that his team did not trust.

The complaint also alleged that Kimberly only made the accusation public when the girl is 5 years old because she has fallen in difficult times. She has reportedly been in financial trouble in recent years and has been evicted from at least five different residences in the past seven years, one as recent as July 2019.