Tom Brady's trashy talk is as silly as you think it is


Maybe Tom Brady should get on with his daily work. Well more or less.

The veteran quarterback is making a new home in Florida for this coming season, as you may or may not have heard, and he's going to call plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

With a new team in a new division come new rivals, and with new rivals comes the opportunity to plant your flag by talking a bit. Saints head coach Sean Payton revealed that he texted Tom Brady shortly after the release of the NFL schedule, starting early with territorial rights.

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"We want to silence the guns, that's what I'm writing to Tom, the hashtag keeps the guns quiet," Payton said during an Instagram Live session with Kay Adams of the NFL Network. "We've known each other for years."

Brady's answer?

"Oh, he laughs. He says: & # 39; You are the favorites, we are the underdog & # 39 ;. bla bla bla.& # 39; "

God, Tom. That's? For a notorious talker, he needs fresh gear, especially for a potential Week 1 divisional showdown between the Bucs and Saints.

The "underdog,quot; thing has been a staple of Brady's career, as he has championed the mantra of the underdogs for his entire tenure in the NFL. The idea of ​​a Brady-led team being underdog is a bit of a bad thing, of course. The Patriots entered their 2019 playoff matchup against the Chiefs as losers for the first time in the 67 games previous.

Brady has a Michael Jordan mentality that you will find motivation in everything, whether it's in the headlines of the sports pages or in the Starbucks baristas who misspell their names in the cups. Whatever works, man. To that end, has It worked, as Brady is a six-time Super Bowl champion.

BTW, Payton doesn't have a pass here either. "#KeepTheCannonsQuiet,quot; is too long a hashtag.

Come on guys. Give us better trash talk than that in these non-sports times. We long for true drama.


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