The five best epilators for pets, according to our readers


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Just like a dirty house, a HAIRY house certainly doesn't have a clean mind. If you're like me, your pets are carrying you up the wall these days, and rampant shedding can obstruct your breathing, especially if you're allergic. Not to mention, no one wants black jeans covered in kitty fur. No matter how adorable it is when they jump on your lap, you'll save time and money with a specialized tool designed to speed up the process.

Because, after a long day at work, no one wants to spend their time obsessively vacuuming and cleaning furniture, believe me, there was a point where they did exactly that every day. Having endured an hour's journey, I went home and took a vacuum, then cleaned the furniture with Clorox Triple Action Powder Wipes (more on that later) before hitting the gym, dining out, and inevitably passing out on the couch.

Since then, I have adopted healthier coping mechanisms that have prevented me from aggressive cleansing. But the question remains: What is the best pet waxer and when will the horror end? Although I'm still researching the latter, our readers have helped me narrow my next purchase down to five attractive options, starting with a widely acclaimed favorite.

Reader's Choice

Cheap, small and effective

It is cheap, small and effective. I have used it often and (unnecessarily) vigorously and it is still in good shape years later, although I would buy a new one every month if I had to. Combine the elements of other tools: something rubbery to "grab" hair, something velvety to "stick", a receptacle to collect hair. – fleetwoodmasc

Yes, I have tried all kinds of handheld vacuum cleaners, regular vacuum accessories, gloves, etc., and the Chom Chom is far superior to all of them. It is cheap, durable and just works. – Jarrod Holland

Best cat brush

Really reduces shedding

I have found that with cats you should go to the source (the cat). Some sessions with this really reduce shedding. Several companies make this type of brush. It has long teeth on one side that are good for massaging and pulling off the loose bottom layer. Follow up with a soft brush or fine-tooth comb to pick up all the loose hair. The short side is good for cleaning clothes, rugs, and furniture. – Scott M

The best hair lifter

A strange sponge that works quite well

Your wet palm. Not THAT is wet. I have rollers with removable tape, a Dyson Animal, clothes unwinders (like wearing fancy tailors) and a weird sponge that my best friend got me that works pretty well and is for sale. – sybann

The best deshedding tool

Keep throwing

This is a classic physics question: if the shortest distance between two points is the same, then the best pet epilator is not to have a pet. But since time travel has not yet been "officially" invented, and since I would follow my cat into rush hour traffic anyway and couldn't bear to lose her, I use a Furminator on it to maintain its detachment. – VESATI

Editor's Pick

Effective adhesive structure

Although I regret the constant haircut of my furniture, I will admit the adhesive structure of the Clorox Hair Picker wipes is the most effective I have ever seen without leaving an imprint of its own. Virtually identical to the Clorox Triple Dust Wipes mentioned above, these pet hair-specific wipes claim to be safe around pets, "trapping" and "blocking" 99% of pet allergens. For the past four years, I have been using them in my various apartments with great success. The only downside is that, unlike a pet brush or comb, these wipes will not reduce cadence or amount of shedding, but will simply deal with the fact from then on. – Gabe Carey


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