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SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – As Santa Clara County launched a new campaign to provide expanded access to coronavirus testing on Friday, technical problems with the county's website prevented countless residents from making appointments online.

"They don't know if you are asymptomatic and have the virus." So I imagine, especially for older people, that it is a matter of life and death for them, "said Daniel Elder. Elder, a South Bay resident, and his roommate drove to the PAL stadium in San Jose in hopes of An appointment without an appointment for a test, but they were rejected.

A spokesperson for Santa Clara County Health acknowledged that the demand for testing has not kept pace with the county's testing capacity. According to a city spokesperson for San José, the PAL stadium site, which is managed by a partnership between the city, Verily and the state, has a daily capacity of 375 appointments.

"Although I don't look sick or anything, the video says we are not giving enough evidence," said Mel Cee, who also showed up without an appointment and was also turned down. Cee said he decided to take the test after watching a video of San José Mayor Sam Liccardo promising access to quick and convenient tests.

“Anyone who wants a test at this Verily site at PAL Stadium can do it. You don't need money. You don't need health insurance. And you don't need any symptoms, "Mayor Liccardo said in the Facebook video. While the mayor's message refers people to the county's testing website, Cee says he left it with the impression that an appointment was not necessary. .

"It's very frustrating. The video should have been clearer that he had to have a date. I was surprised when I got to the front and spoke to the person and saw that the people and cars were turning around. And I said, "Hey, what's going on?" Cee said.

Securing online dating has been a challenge for many and, for some, practically impossible. We shared screenshots with the health department of viewers who attempted to book appointments at various county testing sites, but received a message saying, "At this time, there are no more appointments available at the location you chose."

A spokesperson for the Santa Clara County Health Department says they are working with their test partners to correct problems with the website that KPIX 5 caught their attention.


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