Stormzy will publish the book series & # 39; How to do & # 39;

<pre><pre>Stormzy will publish the book series & # 39; How to do & # 39;

The British rapper is launching the book series & # 39; How to do & # 39; written by established and emerging experts on youth brand advocacy, writing and building.

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StormzyThe editorial hallmark of #Merky Books is publishing how-to guides on brand activism, writing, and building as part of a new nonfiction series.


26-year-old hit creator "Shut Up" teamed up with the heads of giant publisher Penguin Random House to create the #Merky imprint in 2018, and has now announced a new line of books aimed at helping young people to Reach your dreams.

The new books will be the first in a 12-part series of pocket and practical "how-to guides", beginning with three titles to be released in September and the rest later in the year.


"Excited to announce that #Merky Books will launch a new series of paperback books called 'How To' in September," read a tweet announcing the new company.

"They will be partly memories, partly practical guides from emerging and established experts, designed to inspire and empower you."

The first three books in the series will be an activism guide called "How to … change it"by political organizer Joshua Virasami, a book on brand management called "How to … Build it"by Niran Vinod and Damola Timeyinand a guide to successful writing "How to … write it"by poet Anthony Anaxagorou.

All three will be available starting September 3, 2020.


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