Robbie Williams is criticized by anti-extremism groups for her supportive comments about David Icke


The former Take That member has been quoted as saying he likes what the controversial British conspiracy theorist has to say years after claiming that he trusts him more than government experts.

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Former Take that star Robbie Williams He has come under fire from anti-extremism groups after he reportedly expressed his affection for controversial British conspiracy theorist David Icke.

The former sports announcer has made a name for himself in the UK for his bizarre theories, claiming that the world is ruled by lizards, and his videos promoting notions of the COVID-19 virus have recently been removed from Facebook.

However, according to the British newspaper Daily Star, Williams is a fan and has been quoted as saying: "I have met David several times, I like him, I like his message, I like what he has to say."

A representative of UK anti-extremism group Hope Not Hate, who led calls for Icke to be banned from social media for sparking anti-Semitic conspiracies and false COVID-19 theories, has criticized the singer for his supportive comments.

"David Icke has long been known as a broadcaster of conspiracy theories, and it is a mistake for anyone to categorize him as simply an extravagant and eccentric freethinker," a spokesman told WENN. "In fact, he is one of the biggest promoters of harmful misinformation about COVID-19 and the world domination conspiracies by the Jewish people."

Williams, who allegedly knew Icke more than a decade ago, was also quoted as saying that he trusts the conspiracy theorist more than government experts.

"I know which spirit I identify with the most. Does that mean he's right? I don't know," said hitmaker "Angels." "But if you put a gun to my head and say, 'Pick one,' I won't pick them …"

His comments have also angered Jewish activists, and a representative of the Anti-Semitism Campaign tells WENN Icke that he is an "anti-Semitic hate preacher."

"It is imperative that celebrities and others in positions of influence examine the numbers they choose to endorse more carefully, otherwise they risk luring more impressionable people into the orbit of pointless controversial polemics," the spokesperson warns.

Robbie's aides have yet to respond to requests for comment.