Prince William may not send Princess Charlotte to school


Prince william and Kate Middleton are "considering,quot; keeping Princess charlotteat home during the summer when the school is expected to reopen, according to The Sunday Times.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to "stay,quot; with their 5-year-old son. Prince george and a 6-year-old daughter "together and to maintain their confinement routine,quot; in the midst of the current coronavirus crisis.

Both boys attend Thomas's school in Battersea, in south-west London. Princess Charlotte is in "reception,quot; while Prince George is in "year 2,quot;.

According to the publication, the school is expected to "follow the government's guidance on schools, bringing back the first-year and sixth-year children from reception to the classroom, not George's year group. The private school will make a final decision this week. "

Finally, the royal couple wants to send their two children at the same time.

Earlier this month, Middleton spoke about how his family, including Prince louis, they are holding on.

"I am sure that you are experiencing the same thing with your families and other things, but we are stuck with homeschooling again, but no, yes, it is an unprecedented moment, but we are fine, thanks for asking," she said during the interview.

The Duchess of Cambridge also discussed the challenges of homeschooling her little ones.

"George is very angry because he wants to do all of Charlotte's projects … making spider sandwiches is so much better than literacy work," he shared.

She continued to share during the interview that she and the rest of her family have started video chatting to keep in touch.

"Yeah it's really difficult, we haven't done a lot of FaceTime and calls and stuff like that, but we're doing a lot of that now and it's actually been really cool," Middleton said. "We try to check in daily with family members and talk to them about news and the like."

He added: "I guess somehow we have a lot more contact, a lot more FaceTime than you might have done before, but it's really hard … it's hard to explain for a 5 and 6 year old boy of almost 7 years. continues. But no, the schools have also been great to support them, so … no, in difficult times, but I think we have the support. "


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