Paul Pierce gives another blow to LeBron James saying that Heat & # 39; failed & # 39;

<pre><pre>Paul Pierce gives another blow to LeBron James saying that Heat & # 39; failed & # 39;

Paul Pierce found another way to call LeBron James. It wasn't original, but at least the shot sounded more legitimate than his flip-flop in the top five earlier in the week.


This time, the burn went to James winning just two NBA championships with the Miami-Heatles of himself, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh from 2011-14. Pierce claimed that they left a ring on the table and were lucky enough to win their second title.

"(James) played for the Miami Heat, who, in my opinion, was unsuccessful," he said on ESPN's "NBA Countdown," and it was a shot by Ray Allen (in 2013) of just winning a championship. We're not talking about that. What about that? "

Pierce did not convince fellow panelists Jay Williams, Jalen Rose, Maria Taylor and Kendrick Perkins when he said the Heat "skated two-out-of-four,quot; after they were expected to "run the table."

James went to the Finals in his four seasons with the Heat, winning both halves between losses to the Mavericks (that's probably the third ring lost; Miami led that series 2-1) and the Spurs.

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"The Truth,quot; isn't at Skip Bayless's level with his LeBron hot-takery volume, but he has a real reason for it due to his personal fight with James. He went 0-3 in the playoffs against Miami during the LBJ years (2011 and 2012 with the Celtics; 2014 with the Nets), and on Thursday he admitted to spitting on James during a 2004 exhibition game in Columbus, Ohio, in James & # 39; second season, confirming a story Perkins told.

"LeBron and I are going from one side to another, the bank yells at something. I look towards the bank and say: 'That's why they're in the bank' or something like that and I spit at them. I'm not sure if I I hit someone or not, but I spit in that direction, "he said. Pierce and Perkins said the teams almost fought outside their locker rooms after the game.

That incident (which The Associated Press reported at the time) is supposedly at the root of all this. Maybe. In these eyes, Pierce seemed embarrassed rather than determined when discussing the incident.

That leaves the possibility that Pierce has slipped into a box and is content to stay inside it.



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