Ozzy Osbourne's son compares him to The Beatles and Rolling Stones Legends


Jack Osbourne ranks his rocker father, the leader of the Black Sabbath, "among the Paul McCartneys and Mick Jaggers of the world" in terms of his professional success.

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Jack Osbourne He had nothing but praise for his rocker father's musical legacy in a new interview about his career success.

First Black saturday The leader is candid about his long fight against substance abuse, problems with the law, the Battle of Parkinson's and marital problems with his managing wife Sharon in a new documentary. "The nine lives of Ozzy Osbourne"

Son Jack is among those close to the star featured on the show and, speaking to Collider prior to launch this summer of 2020, Jack hailed him as "one of the Paul MCCARTNEYs y Mick jaggers in the world "in terms of his professional success.

He explained, "It is a very small class of people. When you look at his peers, he would not consider his peers because he just doesn't think that way …"

"He would never consider himself to be part of that group, but he is, and he's a shrinking group of artists," Jack said. "However, there is a relationship with my father and I'm not sure that everyone can necessarily relate to some of the most famous and well-known record artists in the world."

Jack, one of Ozzy and Sharon's three children, along with sisters Kelly and Aimee, also said he hopes the documentary will show people that Ozzy "is not just a one-dimensional figure, if they ever thought it was."

"There are a lot of aspects to it, and this is a good look at that. Because of the personality that people have seen my father, it's always, 'What's wrong with him?' But I think this documentary He rephrases it as, "What happened to him?" he shared.

"My dad has had a very lucky life, but it has been filled with a lot of turmoil, some self-inflicted and some completely out of his hands. (The documentary) is an interesting look."

"The nine lives of Ozzy Osbourne"It will be released on the US network A&E.