Oh no, Eli Manning joined Twitter, and Tom Brady made the perfect joke about it.


Just when you thought you were free from the Mannings.

With Peyton Manning retiring a few years ago to a quiet life of chicken sandwiches, Eli Manning was the only member of the Manning family left on an NFL field. Well, with the younger brother's retirement after the 2019 NFL season, he did what many red-blooded American men would do, and joined Twitter.

Manning's account quickly eclipsed 50,000 followers in about an hour, so feel free to feel very sad about having, like, 200 followers despite being in that hellish place for 10 years.

Still, Manning was quickly greeted by Twitter "user,quot; Tom Brady (I mean, does anyone really think Brady is behind the account?), Who introduced suspiciously quick wits about Manning's late arrival on the machine. Tweet: "Welcome, @ EliManning, typically, you never showed up until the fourth quarter anyway."

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As expected, Twitter had some pretty good responses to Manning's login for the first time.

While Eli's older brother Peyton is probably the best entertainer, player, and spokesperson, there is still plenty of time for Eli to become the best tweeter.

However, he missed the opportunity to make his avi a classic Eli Manning face. The current one is simply unrecognizable.