Nick Cordero's wife says her husband is still struggling in the midst of the & # 39; roller coaster & # 39; Covid-19


Fitness guru Amanda Kloots is confident that her actor husband will recover despite a recent setback that left her eyes watering in the midst of her fight for the coronavirus.

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Broadway actor's wife. Nick Cordero, who is struggling to recover from Covid-19, insists he is still "fighting" despite a recent setback.

On Wednesday May 20, 2020 in an update of his Instagram Stories, a tear Amanda Kloots He told fans that Cordero's condition had been "going downhill" and asked for "mega prayers right now" after the actor and singer suffered a setback in his recovery from the coronavirus.

However, on Thursday, the fitness trainer gave a more positive progress report on her husband's "roller coaster" health battle, revealing that the Broadway actor appears to be taking a "step forward."

"So one of the things I've learned about this whole process is that ICU land is one step forward, two steps back," he explained. "And that is what happened to us in these last two hours."

She added: "I am happy to say that it looks like we are one step ahead again."

Kloots then thanked the doctors who treated Lamb and shared that his family has found strength in prayer at all times.

"Wow. It was another roller coaster, but this one is aimed at Cedars-Sinai doctors and nurses, the power of prayer and the power of energy and support," wrote Kloots. "And the positivity is, I'm sorry, in my opinion, second to none."

And she insisted that her husband is "fighting" and that he is not "done."

"We have been singing and dancing and elevating it only with positive thoughts, words and actions. And boys, it is making a difference," he revealed. "It is not over. It is not over."

Later, in a separate Instagram post, accompanied by a photo of her with her son, 11-month-old Elvis Eduardo, Kloots wrote: "When things look down, we look UP. I have my teachers in OPTIMISM!"