New CDC report reveals coronavirus does not spread easily from touch surfaces


TSR Health: Perhaps this will ease your concerns as we slowly continue to reopen our country. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that Coronavirus doesn't actually spread easily from contact surfaces, according to the Today Show.

But keep in mind that person-to-person contact remains a major concern and social distancing remains the best practice in preventing the infectious virus, according to health officials.

"I think what it means is that we can move on and not be so concerned about it," said NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres. "We still have to worry a little bit and keep doing the things that we need to do to stay safe, and that primarily means washing our hands."

The CDC made it clear that it is possible to contract the coronavirus by touching an infected surface and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes, but it is not the primary way of spreading the virus.

"In other words, we don't touch something, then we touch our faces and we get it just as easily, although we can still do it that way," Torres said. "The main focus should be on that social distancing, wearing masks, because getting it through respiratory drops … is the number 1 way to get it."

He continued: "It doesn't mean you can't get it by tapping something else. It just means we don't need to worry as much about that as we do about respiratory drops and … social distancing. That should be the main emphasis. But still clean things up, still wash your hands, get your kids to do the same, but again make sure we focus on social distancing. That's priority number 1. "

Torres also responded to news that coronavirus cases worldwide are growing, seeing a jump of 100,000 in one day, according to the World Health Organization.

"I know a few months have passed. I know a lot of people are tired of doing things, but at the same time, we cannot let our guard down because we are going to be right where we started, and we will have to do this again." He explained .

Roommates, we still urge you to remain safe and follow the guidelines where appropriate.

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