Ne-Yo will work in marriage with Crystal Renay Smith after withdrawing the divorce filing


When he filed documents to legally end his marriage to his wife of four in late March, the singer of & # 39; So Sick & # 39; He ruled out reconciliation by stating that their union was 'hopelessly broken'.

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R&B star Ne Yo She is working to rebuild her marriage during the coronavirus crisis after withdrawing her divorce papers.

The "So Sick" singer confirmed rumors suggesting that he had parted ways with Crystal Renay Smith in February, and in late March, he filed documents in a Georgia court seeking to legally end the 2016 marriage.

At the time, Ne-Yo claimed that the union was "hopelessly broken" and dismissed any hope of reconciliation, but soon changed his mind and notified officials that he was withdrawing the documentation, according to The Blast.

Since then, Crystal has confirmed that the couple are back after a brief separation, after sharing images of the couple playing at their Georgia home on TikTok.

And when a critic posted a comment on social media urging her to "calm down," since she dismissed Crystal as "just a woman with (sic)," the mother-of-two responded with a correction, simply typing "wife."

Ne-Yo and Crystal share two young children, Shaffer Smith, Jr. and Roman, while the musician also has two children with his ex, Monyetta Shaw.