Lesley Manville understands young actors' fears about racing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic


Speaking about the impact the coronavirus crisis has on the entertainment industry, the star actress of & # 39; Phantom Thread & # 39; points out that most actors are not rich stars.

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Lesley Manville He fears that young actors out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic will ruin their lives and careers.

The 2018 Oscar nominee is one of the UK's leading actors, including Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, who have recorded monologue short films to help the UK's Equity & # 39; s Benevolent Fund, which is helping tough artists during the crisis.

Speaking to the BBC, the "Ghost Thread"Star says she fears for actors who are not established stars yet, as they are unlikely to be well enough to go months without a job.

"I really feel for the young actors right now, just starting out," says Manville. "Now they are caught in this kind of real critical situation that we cannot see right now how we are going to get out."

"You know, the theaters will survive even? And when will we ever be in front of a camera again? It's just really scary. They've spent their time studying and becoming actors, and suddenly they can't do what they are trained to do." .

Noting that most actors are not wealthy stars, he adds: "I am not denying that there are some very well-paid actors everywhere who are not going to knock on the door of the Benevolent Equity Fund at all."

"But that is not the case for most. It is that they only need support at a time when we hope we can get through and there will be an industry when we come out the other side."

Manville's performance of "The Nameless Girl" by "Coronation Street" screenwriter Susan Oudot for the Equity monologues is available to view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3Hv4kL6D4I&feature=emb_logo.