Joe Biden apologizes for accepting black voters


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It's unfortunate for Democrats that their big (white!) The hope against Donald Trump works best when he is found nowhere, for every time he reappears, he seems to say or do Something incredibly stupid. Take for example his recent affirmation to Charlamagne Tha God at Breakfast Club that if you are a black person who votes for Trump, "you are not black." Biden now realizes that maybe he made a mistake.

According to The Associated Press, Biden admitted that "he shouldn't have been so arrogant" about black voters who support Trump. Biden did not apologize for apparently affecting a stereotypical accent while talking to Charlamagne, one of my colleague Ashley Reese so aptly called yesterday However, he acknowledged that he should not take black voters and / or their concerns for granted.

"He shouldn't have been such a wise guy," he said in a call to the United States' Black Chamber of Commerce. "No one should have to vote for any party based on race, religion, or origin."

Biden received legitimate criticism for his comments, which came as part of a conversation about your VP pick, and addressed criticism in the call of the Black Chamber of Commerce of EE. USA. Unfortunately, it also gave him the Trump / Pence Extremely unfortunate reelection forage campaign:

Only around 100,000 days / future Biden operas go until november!


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